The advantages for you

No more manual ordering

Orders are entered fully automatically

Unique branding

The customer sees your logo on their smartphone

Integration made easy

We connect Verdutti to your ERP

Real-time marketing

Customers see your news when ordering

The advantages for you as a

Simple processes

Your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet is all you need


The app also works in the cold store or cellar

Cheap and up to date

You see promotions, daily prices and seasonal offers

No more incorrect orders

Internally, several people can order at the same time



The app is mature and has been stable for years


All data processes are encrypted


Can be customised as you wish

Further development

Our apps are continuously developed

Verdutti in action

Our services

We help you to digitalise your business the right way, so that restaurateurs trust their dealer – you – and you both profit.

We take care of the technology. You take care of the customers.